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It's in everyone's interest to keep our community looking great.  It makes The Lakes a better place to live and it helps to maintain all our property values.  So be a good citizen... if you see a problem anywhere in our community, please report it to our management office

As with any homeowners association, our homeowners must follow the rules that govern our organization.  Failure to do so constitutes a "violation".  Violations may be discovered during routine inspection by our field inspector or as the result of a complaint by a homeowner. Violations may be paid online via our online merchant terminal

The following describes the procedures we use to handle violations at The Lakes:

  1. Inspections are conducted on a monthly basis by the Lakes field inspector who prepares a report of all violations by date and with current status.  Both the street and lake sides of homes and lots are inspected.
  2. Courtesy Notice.  The homeowner is sent a courtesy notice by mail advising them of the nature of the violation.  Because it is possible the homeowner may not have realized they were violating the rules, this is simply an advisory notice to the homeowner.  If you should receive such a notice and have a question or disagree that there is a violation, please contact our management office.  They will be pleased to answer your questions and help you resolve the problem.
  3. Hearing Notice.  If the violation still exists at the time of the next monthly inspection, a formal Hearing Notice is sent by mail as is required by Nevada State law.  It will include a specific date and time to attend a hearing where the board of directors will hear both the manager's and your sides before deciding what action to take.  Following your hearing, the board of directors may vote to assess fines against your account and if so the fines will be governed by the Association's current fine policy which is mailed to each homeowner on an annual basis.


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