Lake Sahara

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Our private Lake Sahara is a topaz jewel placed in the center of our beautiful Lakes setting.  It's something that truly sets our community apart from others.  Lake Sahara offers refreshing cool relief on hot summer days and it provides recreation for boating, fishing and just enjoying the view.

Lake Sahara covers nearly thirty acres and offers more than three miles of shoreline... most of which is privately owned by lakefront homeowners.  This is the only place in Las Vegas where you can own your own shoreline on a private lake!  There are also many greenbelt common areas for the enjoyment of all Lakes homeowners.

And the fishing is terrific!  Our lake is just teeming with 2-5 pound largemouth bass, bluegill and channel catfish.  If you like fishing, this is where you want to be.

Lake Sahara is a natural habitat for all kinds of wildlife.  It's even a refuge for razorback sucker fish which are native to the Colorado River.  The Lakes Association is working with State and federal agencies to help protect this endangered species. 

In addition to fish, it is home to freshwater turtles, ducks, falcons, geese, herons, cormorants, grebes and many other types of migratory water fowl.  A big flock of Canada geese, all landing on the lake at once is truly an unforgettable sight.

Every residential property owner has the right to use the lake for boating and fishing subject to the Rules and Regulations.


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