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The Lakes Association is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Nevada and operates per our operating documents and in accordance with Nevada State Law.  The membership is comprised of the 299 owners of residential property within the confines of The Lakes Association plus The Lake Town Center Commercial Plaza.  So The Lakes Association is... all of us!  We're all members and we all benefit from the services provided.

As stated in our Articles of Incorporation, the specific and primary purpose of the Association is to provide community services and facilities for the general use, benefit and welfare of our members.  This includes such things as:

  • Maintaining common area landscaping
  • Maintaining gated entrances
  • Maintaining streets, street lights, side walks and street signs
  • Maintaining the lake
  • Regulating the use of common areas and the lake
  • Contracting with subcontractors to perform services for the Association
  • Paying all expenses required to maintain and operate the Lakes Association
  • Establishing and collecting assessments as required to fulfill The Lakes Association's financial obligations
  • Maintaining the beauty, harmony, integrity and appearance of the Lakes community

The Lakes Association operates under the direction of the board of directors.  Members of the board are homeowners just like you who volunteer their time to serve their community.  They serve two-year terms and are elected by vote of the membership.  The board sets policy, establishes budgets, approves subcontractors, and makes all financial and legal decisions on behalf of the Association. 

The day-to-day operation of the Association is handled by our management company with the support of our landscape maintenance, lake maintenance and security companies.  Together these professional organizations keep our community looking great and operating efficiently. 


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